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Got work? ChoreBug has your back!


Our workers are responsible, independent, and professional. Getting the job done is their #1 priority! See what our clients have to say!

"I have been using ChoreBug since they started - both for personal needs and for my clients at OrganizeMe - and every time has been a dream!"


Simple Scheduling

How it works

Use our quick and easy hiring form to bring local high schoolers to your door for any home task, whenever you need!

Job types: moving, yard work, furniture assembly, cleaning, and more! You name it, we do it! (We just ask that you provide the tools)

Affordable Pricing

What we charge

With a flat rate of $25/hour per worker, not only is ChoreBug competitively priced, we take away the complexity of service pricing!

Reliable Service

Who we are

Though our workers may be young, they were carefully selected from hundreds of applicants. Accepted workers show responsibility, leadership, and a dedication to putting clients first!

About Us

Our Mission

ChoreBug aims to bring together socioeconomically segregated communities while teaching youth about responsibility through an entrepreneurial lifestyle.

Learn more about our goals to better the workforce of tomorrow


ChoreBug was created with the goal to increase the responsibility of high schoolers, while providing community members with a simple way to get their home tasks done at an affordable price. Started early 2018 in Evanston, IL, the model has grown to serve over 500 clients already! We vet hundreds of applications to create school-based teams of ~25 responsible, hard-working, and dedicated students in neighborhoods throughout the US. Currently, we operate in Evanston, Wilmette, and Brooklyn. Contact us today to get ChoreBug in your neighborhood!

Our Team

Since 2017

Our Team

Though our team is young, we are always hard at work, making ChoreBug better than the day before! To date, we've helped over 150 youth make money in their communities with ChoreBug!

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Avante Price

The Business Guy

NYU Stern School of Business

Oliver Leopold

The Tech Kid

Evanston Township High School