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“I believe that starting any business should be as easy as a 10-year-old starting a lemonade stand"

- Mark Cuban

What is an Odd Jobs Company?

Odd jobs may include doing yard work, moving heavy items, assembling furniture, cleaning, and more! Everyone has odd jobs to do and many people are more than willing to pay someone else to handle them, including people in your neighborhood! ChoreBug gives you online tools that make it easy to create a company that solves these problems for trusted adults near you.

What will I do?

Through growing your branch, you’ll be in charge of recruiting a team of peers, marketing your services to locals, interacting with customers, and managing the finances of the operation. You’ll learn about entrepreneurship, build connections with people in your community, and have the potential to make a lot of money.

How Much Can I Make?

As an entrepreneur, you'll make decisions every day that will impact your earning potential. Through building the first 3 branches, we’ve found that a successful team will make aprx. $2,500/month in revenue. However, keep in mind that an entrepreneur's potential income is limitless, it's all up to you!

Solutions for every step of your entrepreneurial journey

Custom Website

Display your team’s services & show your community who you are with a custom website made by our simple site builder. View Example ⇾︎

Marketing Tools

Easily get the word out about your new venture through our integrated SMS, email, & social media marketing tools.

Financial Dashboard

Collect payments from clients, pay out your team, and keep track of revenue & expenses easily with our all-in-one financial tools.

In-Depth Guide

Our in-depth guide outlines everything you’ll need to know to keep your venture afloat, from financial accounting to customer service.

Personal Consulting

We understand that everyone’s journey is different. That’s why we’re here 24/7, available to assist you & your team every step of the way.


We put your clients at ease by allowing them to purchase up to $1M in liability coverage, in case anything happens on the job.


You pay just 15% of revenue for access to all of our features and our entire coaching team.
No setup fees, nothing paid upfront.

How It Works

How ChoreBug Benefits Your Clients

Liability Insurance

We give clients the ability to purchase liability insurance with up to $1M in protection, just in case anything happens.

ChoreBug Guarantee

We stand behind the work of all of our teams, refunding any client who isn't 100% satisfied with the services provided.

Secure Payments

Stripe secures all payments made through our websites, assuring your clients their data is always safe. Learn More ⇾︎

What We're About


Our goal is to empower millions of high schoolers with the knowledge & skills they need to be able to succeed as entrepreneurs, no matter the economic climate.


ChoreBug was created in 2017 by a team of high schoolers who wanted to make extra money by helping out community members with home tasks & odd jobs. The operation grew to serve over 500 clients throughout Chicago’s North Shore neighborhoods within 2 years, helping over 100 youth from Evanston Township High School make money on their own terms.

After a summer in the NYU Summer Launchpad and countless hours refining the model, we found that the best way to help students wouldn’t be to just give them jobs on ChoreBug. We decided that the best way to empower high schoolers would be to teach them what we learned from our Chicago operation & give them the tools necessary to run their own venture with infinite possibility for profit. ChoreBug Beta is set to launch August 1st, 2020 so that students throughout the country can learn about entrepreneurship through hands-on learning with real world experiences.

Our Values




The Team

Avante Price

CEO, NYU Stern

Oliver Leopold


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